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By María Pardal 442 days ago

Dear all,
we would like to invite you to attend the course about the “Retos na construción do Mercado Interior Europeo: cooperación xudicial, en materia mercantil, civil e Penal”, within the framework of the Jean Monnet Module "Summer Course Crossing Borders in the European Area of Justice: Civil, Commercial and Criminal Matters (Nr. Ref. 2013/2942)"

The course is coordinated by Prof. Inma Valeije Álvarez. She is Professor of Criminal Law at the Universidade de Vigo & Professor at the Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet Universidade de Vigo.

The course lasts 40 hours and will take place from the 6th to the 15th of June. All sessions will be held at Salón de Actos da Facultade de Ciencias Xurídicas e do Traballo Universidade de Vigo. Campus Universitario. CP 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra).

This course may be of special interest to the Bachelor and Master students - in the field of  law, business, political science and public administration and management, translation, and interpretation-  as well as lawyers, any kind of professional and the general public.
Requested recognition of credits and ECTS at Vicerreitoría de Extensión Universitaria and International Relations.

This seminar is free of charge and you can register here (deadline: 6th June 2016) :
Number of places: 100. Limited places according to the registration.

At the end of the Conference an attendance certificate will be delivered, issued by the European Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet of UVIGO (Director Prof. Dr. Luis Dominguez Castro). To obtain the diploma, you should attend at least 80% of the sessions.


We hope this course is of your interest,

Best regards,